OISE Outcomes & Aims

Aims & Outcomes

A strong team member

Language is a means to an end, never an end in itself. OISE Language Masterclass works with its students to achieve confident interpersonal skills in English, taking the learner far beyond solely language training.

A focus on communicative ability in English

Participants attend the programmes for a variety of reasons. For most, the academic rigour of an OISE education prepare them for an international career.

For others, it provides the opportunity to sharpen the use of English for corporate sector, giving them a competitive edge. Others seek the ability to be at ease with the language and to cultivate a cosmopolitan sophistication through an all-round competency in English.

A shared community of purpose

The OISE learning community is a combination of two groups: Educators who respond with aggressive purpose to the needs of the individual, and individuals who are committed to shaping their destinies through effortful self-improvement. It is a form of education suited to those who wish to refine their identity across borders. Illuminating and applying essential tools of communication is the ultimate aim of OISE tuition.

OISE education
OISE education

An authoritative voice

The training is designed to imbue the speaker’s voice with authority and purpose. The OISE educator highlights areas of communication that need improvement for the individual. Tailored experiential learning sequences are then created to bring about meaningful change in the participant ability.

It is a process that demands much effort on the part of the aspirant – and dedication is required in order to re frame existing behaviours. As a result, those trained at OISE can manage their daily affairs in English with confidence, whether they are tasks such as organising and delegating, or those that require a great deal of assertiveness like negotiation, presentation or public speaking. Alumni can be confident, articulate and urbane.

Multicultural sensitivity

The study groups are formed of participants from all regions of the world. Although English is the language that allows everyone to understand, there are strong differences at the more subtle cultural level.

It is not words that confuse communication between speakers of English from different backgrounds, it is the way the message is expressed (tone of voice, body language, social relationship conventions). On an OISE course, participants experience the cultural differences that cloud understanding and changes the meaning of perfectly well structured sentences. Once exposed to those differences, participants learn compensation strategies to both, be understood and understand others.

Cosmopolitan clarity

An OISE alumnus is able to adjust his/her personality to create positive rapport with others whatever part of the world they come from.

OISE education