Language courses for Young Learners

The benefits of OISE courses for 7-17 year-olds

Language coaching with constant individual support

Octorial™ lessons - 8 students per teacher

Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students ensuring that all pupils receive the benefit of individual attention within a group dynamic.

Dynamic teachers

All OISE teachers are highly motivated professionals. They are chosen for their energy, enthusiasm and their ability to communicate with young people.

Well-equipped, comfortable schools

The learning environment is attractive with pleasant and functional classrooms encouraging a constructive attitude to study. Many schools are in their own grounds with tennis courts and some have a swimming pool.

Courses for all ages

We provide courses for all levels from ages 7-17 years.

Friendly, dynamic teams

Aside from the teaching staff, OISE employs an accommodation officer, an academic director and a leisure director who are available in both professional and pastoral capacities.

Exciting after-class entertainment

OISE provides a complete programme of carefully-organised social activities to ensure that students get the most from their stay.

High levels of supervision

OISE students are looked after from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. OISE staff and couriers are highly trained to maintain an exceptional level of supervision throughout the course.

Carefully-chosen accommodation


OISE host families are selected according to strict guidelines: the houses are comfortable and the families genuinely interested in welcoming young guests as part of the family.


Most schools are set in their own grounds and offer excellent sports facilities: tennis courts, swimming pool, sports hall with courts for volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. The days are packed full of activities with a full evening social programme to complement the daytime programme.

Total customer care

Our multilingual team provide a 24-hour emergency helpline for OISE customers.

Fact File
  • For all ages from 7 - 17 years
  • For all levels, including the very advanced
  • Summer courses from June - September
  • Other courses throughout the year

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