OISE York English language summer school

OISE York English language summer school

Ages 13 - 17

About OISE York

OISE York is set in the impressive grounds of Queen Ethelburga’s, a traditional English boarding school, 30 minutes from the historic city centre of York. Located within 100 acres of rural countryside, its luxurious accommodation and facilities are second to none.

York English Language School

Queen Ethelburga’s in York is the ideal location for an intensive summer of learning English abroad. It is a modern school with a vast amount to offer both in terms of facilities and the surrounding English countryside. Students engage with active lessons and creative projects under the supervision and guidance of an experienced teaching staff.


The Intensive summer program
The Intensive Summer Curriculum is a full time course of 23 hours of tuition per week, with a maximum of 8 students per class. The course aims to develop both an intellectual as well as a social understanding.
OISE deliver a full day of learning which focuses on language, academic literacy, subject literacy and social and cultural fluency. Lessons generally follow a topic throughout the day, flowing seamlessly from grammar and vocabulary to more productive and creative tasks in the afternoons.

Course Dates
1st July for 1,2,3 or 4 weeks
15th July for 1 or 2 weeks
22nd July for 1 week

Course Fees
1 week: £1,485
2 weeks: £2,810
3 weeks: £4,125

Each additional week: £1,315

Cultural Programme

Queen Ethelburga’s has a great deal to offer in terms of sports facilities including a full size football pitch. Several student activities are arranged every afternoon and evening, with examples including quiz and casino nights, disco, film and games nights, talent show, theatre workshop, fashion show, teacher versus students sports, music workshops, card tournament, scavenger hunt and karaoke. Every Saturday there is a full day excursion to Leeds, Manchester or Liverpool and Sundays are filled with activities such as arts & crafts, sports and team games and local excursions.



OISE York at Queen Ethelburga’s accommodates students in the modern school residences. These are small dormitories for between 4 and 6 students and offer en-suite bathroom facilities. Meals are provided in the school dining hall where special dietary requirements can be considered and a vegetarian option is always available. The accommodation is split between male and female blocks and staff members are always on hand to help out at any time of day or night.

Travel and location

Young Learners are greeted by dedicated and experienced members of the OISE courier team at London airports or the Eurostar terminal within standard hours as part of their course package to ensure their safe and comfortable transfer. Students are then accompanied to the Welcome Lounge, a facility with food and refreshments as well as activities to keep students occupied until they are taken onward to the school.

Founded in 71AD, York has a rich historical past. The ancient city walls still exist and contain the network of tiny cobbled streets which now play host to a number of cafes and quirky independent shops. In 2014 students were able to see the Tour de France pass through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside a short distance from the school.



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