OISE Folkestone                 English language summer school

OISE Folkestone English language summer school

Ages 13 - 17

Folkestone; 'The Gateway to Europe'

Folkestone is a historically-significant and culturally-rich traditional seaside town in Kent on the south east coast of England. The county of Kent with its beautiful countryside is home to Canterbury, famous for the Cathedral and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. With France visible across the Strait of Dover, Folkestone has played an important point of transit for those traveling from the UK to the Continent. The sunny climate, fine beaches and friendly people contribute to Folkestone’s reputation as a desirable study destination. The quaint sloping streets towards the harbour feature shops and cafes, and vantage points with uncompromising views of the seascape. Frequented by internationally acclaimed author HG Wells, who is celebrated every year in the town, Folkestone also plays host to a variety of festivals and attractions including Norman churches, the Battle of Britain memorial and museum, the renowned Leas Promenade and the annual Folkestone Harbour Festival. Situated within easy reach of Heathrow and Gatwick, and only an hour from London by train, Folkestone is a prime location for English language students and British holidaymakers alike!

OISE Folkestone Language School

The natural coastline and refreshing sea breeze at Folkestone make it the ideal choice for learners wanting to study away from the distractions of larger towns and cities. OISE Folkestone is a modern college situated to the exclusive west of the town. It has large, airy classrooms with interactive whiteboards, computers and everything needed for an intensive English course. You have access to a large library and of course Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the campus offers plenty of free space and leisure facilities. There is also a cafeteria that provides a selection of delicious lunch dishes. At this study centre the students live with a local and carefully selected host family within walking distance to school. The families at Folkestone are thoroughly inspected by the OISE Folkestone Accommodation Officer and Course Leader to ensure they meet the high standards of OISE. The homes must be comfortable and well-equipped and the families must be welcoming and show genuine interest in helping our students improve their English. The families at Folkestone are mostly within walking distance to school and have many years experience hosting OISE students. OISE ensures to never place two students of the same mother-tongue in the same home in order to ensure maximum opportunity to practice their English.

English Language Course; The Intensive Summer Curriculum

OISE Folkestone provides the Extended Summer Curriculum during the summer months recommended for students from levels B1 to C1. This programme is taught in a class size of 6-8 students and consists of 27 full hours of tuition per week. The course builds on over 40 years of experience from summer school programmes. Through using English as an international language the learner will develop the intellectual, social and cultural understanding as imperative for a fulfilling future as a citizen of the world.

OISE delivers a full day of learning which focuses on spoken and written fluency in English, pronunciation, academic literacy, subject literacy and social and cultural fluency. Lessons generally follow a topic throughout the day, following seamlessly from grammar and vocabulary to more productive and creative tasks in the afternoons, including presentations, debates and group projects. The whole learning experience is structures to teach relevant vocabulary and expressions, and to provide constant opportunities for students to apply what is learned in real situations. So to become a more effective and autonomous learner each individual is encouraged to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, foster a positive mindset and work towards their own individual goals.

Students are placed into groups according to their English ability and the tuition is always pitched at the highest level to ensure the tuition is challenging. Lessons consist of a substantial 90 minutes and are taught by 2-3 alternating tutors that ensure lessons are at a fast and consistent pace.

Throughout the stay their progress is continuously made and consistently assessed through daily assignments, weekly individual coaching sessions and weekly progress checks. At the end of the course the students will return home with their Learner Portfolio full with the achievements they have made during their time with OISE. All students will also receive a certificate which includes a report along with test results.

Course start dates
Continuous enrollment between 17 June-25 August 2018

Course fees
1 week: £1,210
2 weeks: £2,260
3 weeks: £3,300

Each additional week:
4+ £1,040
7+ £1,035

Cultural Programme

Most evenings are spent with the host family. Students share the family’s way of life by having breakfast and dinner with them, and joining in other activities such as sports and discussions.
At least one evening per week, students enjoy movie nights, talent shows, quizzes, BBQs, bowling, art projects, sports competitions, or theater trips and workshops. Each week there is a Wednesday afternoons cultural excursion, and a full day Saturday excursion. Typically these include visits to the medieval English market town of Canterbury, the popular seaside town of Brighton and, of course, the bustling metropolis of London. Folkestone also has plenty of parks, beaches and green areas to relax, play football and swim.


Host Family

OISE Folkestone organises safe and comfortable accommodation in selected host families. Host families take care of the well-being of the learner. They welcome the student into their home and share meals and talk in English. The distance from the host family to the school is usually covered on foot. On the first day the family will take the student to and from the school so they are familiar with the journey. If public transport is required, the student will receive the required tickets.

Travel and location

The designated airports for Folkestone are London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Our dedicated and experienced meet and greet teams look after the students and ensure their safe onward transfer.
To benefit from the free transfer service students should arrive 10.00 - 19.00 on Sundays and depart 12.00-19.00 on Saturdays. Outside these times private transfers can be organised at a supplement.

Students using London Heathrow are often taken to our nearby Welcome Lounge to join with other students for their school. Whilst at the welcome lounge they can relax in a secure environment and enjoy games, activities and refreshments. Students using Gatwick Airport will be driven directly to and from Folkestone.



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