English course for children

English Language Course

for young learners
  • OISE gives children a head start in life and encourages them to follow their bilingual ambitions. Stimulating and dynamic tuition at a fast, consistent pace instills advanced language skills beyond school needs and provides a valuable asset for the future.

    • Newbury Hall Education
    • Open all year Age 13-17 27 hours a week Newbury, UK
    • The aim of the school is to encourage pupils to develop the intellectual and social understanding and behaviour that will allow them to develop the personal skills and career skills for a fulfilling future life.

    Newbury Hall is a comfortable, well-equipped and safe environment set in a traditional English market town. The school itself is an impressive Victorian building dating back to 1859, modernised to accommodate OISE students.

    Example topics covered in lessons
    1. Writing Craft
    2. Narrative Strategies
    3. Complex Grammar
    4. Interview Aptitude
    IELTS exam preparation

    Students who wish to prepare for the exam study. Weekly individual speaking tests, listening, reading and prnounciation practise and coaching in examination skills.

    Subject Literacy include
    1. Maths
    2. Economics
    3. History
    4. Geography
    5. Philosophy
    6. Politics
    7. Ethical Issues
    8. Great Thinkers
    9. Critique
    10. Media
    11. Future Choices
    Independent Research

    Students take charge of their own learning. They are supported to assume a high degree of independence and take on full responsibilty for planing their study time. Students learn how to research and discover information for themselves.

    Mon - Fri
    English Language literacy
    Subject literacy
    English Language literacy Social and Global Fluency on Wednesday & Friday only
    Subject literacy
    Evening activites
    • Sherbourne Priors Education
    • Open all year Age 7-13 22.5 hours a week Sherbourne, UK
    • Provides an intimate educational setting where staff and students live and learn together in English country manor house.
    A stay at Sherbourne Priors is an inspirational experience which will have a striking influence on the child’s early international personality. Lessons focus on the four key skills
    1. Speaking
    2. Listening
    3. Reading
    4. Writing
    Workshops & Project

    Workshops encouarge fluency in English through games and activites, includes sport and team games as well as arts and crafts. Students work in team on a week long project bassed on Science or English literature.

    Core subject lessons based on English curriculum
    1. Maths
    2. History
    3. Geography
    4. General Science
    Mon - Fri
    English Language lessons
    Mixed subjects taught through English, History, Geography, Science
    Workshop Education excursion (Wednesday's only) Workshop
    Break Break
    Evening activites
    American English Programme
    • American English Programme
    • Open all year Age 16-17 22.5 hours a week Boston, USA
    • Challenging students to immerse themselves in American English language and culture to foster strong language skills to give them an international voice.

    The program is designed specifically for the ages 16-17 with an aim to prepare students for their future academic and professional future. It is a rigorous course that encourages fluent communication and effective self-expression in American English.

    Classes focuses on
    1. Grammar structures
    2. Idioms
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Workshops
    5. Research
    6. Self-study
    7. Field trips
    Cultural studies

    Students study American culture and civilisation through subjects such as:

    1. History
    2. Geography
    3. Politics
    4. Business
    5. Media
    TOEFL & IELTS exam preparation

    Students who wish to prepare for the exam study. Weekly individual speaking tests, listening, reading and prnounciation practise and coaching in examination skills.

    Mon - Fri
    Comprehension & Expression
    Cultural Studies
    Afternoon Workshops & Projects
    Oxford Brasenose School
    • The Oxford College Programme
    • Summer Age 14-17 27 hours a week Oxford, UK
    • Offers students ample opportunity to prepare for an aspirational, professional future through skill-based workshops, field trips and case study analyses.

    The Oxford College Programme is the most rigorous of OISE courses; for students wanting to perfect their English language skills who already have an advanced level of English. Tuition takes place in small groups of maximum eight students.

    Daily research

    The daily research project is taught in groups of four, and concentrates on current affairs through text analysis and debate, resulting in a presentation at the end of each week.

    Lesson specific subjects options
    1. Internation Relations
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Journalism & Digital Media
    4. Politics
    5. Philosophy
    6. Economics
    7. Public speaking
    The Oxford experience

    In the summer offers students an unforgettable taste of university life including outdoor activites in the city's open space and a wealth of cultural enrichment in the form of museums, galleries and breathtaking architecture.

    Mon - Fri
    Text of the Day
    Current Affairs Workshop
    English Language Focus
    Writing Skills
    Case Study
    Intensive summer programm
    • The Summer School Curriculum
    • Summer Ages 7-17 23 or 27 hours per week
    • Students are completely immersed in the English language from the start of the day to the very end in order to maximise the learning potential.
    Building on over 40 years of experience teaching summer programmes

    As well as challenging the student to improve on their confidence and fluency in English, OISE Young Learners has always focused on giving students the skills to think critically and challenge the world we live in and push them to continue learning beyond the course by taking a step closer to becoming autonomous learners.

    Example subjects in completion of a task
    1. Presentation
    2. Video
    3. Newspaper
    4. Journalism
    5. Theatre skills
    6. Debates
    Wednesday's trip

    Every Wednesday afternoon, students go on excursion to a local point of interest. This is used to engage with British culture, and students are given a task to enhance their experience.

    Course available at OISE Taunton, OISE Swindon, OISE Badminton, OISE Telford, OISE Dawlish, OISE Folkestone, OISE York

    Focuses on
    1. Listening
    2. Reading
    3. Writing
    4. Speaking
    5. Lexis Development
    6. Time-management
    7. Self confident
    8. Natural Science
    9. Politics
    10. British History
    11. Cultural Awareness
    12. Geography
    Exam preparation

    Students wishing to prepare for the FCE or CAE exam study exam techniques, study strategies and receive regular individualised feedback on progress. This includes real-time practise examinations and coaching in language and examination skills.


    This is an example of a typical timetable and will change depending on course and programme.

    Mon - Fri
    English Language lessons
    Life Skills
    Mixed subject taught English, History, Geography, Science Education excursion (Wednesday's only) Mixed subject taught English, History, Geography, Science
    Break Break
    Project Project
    The full day of learning continues after lessons. Residential students have organised cultural and recreational activities during the evening at the school. Homestay students return to their host family where they have the opportunity to participate in family life
  • Activites Sports Football Children
    Excursions & Activities

    Learning does not just take place in the classroom and excursions offer students an opportunity to understand further about British history and culture, whilst the activities are designed to encourage the use of English in a social setting.

    Residential courses offer a full evening social programme of sports, art and whole school activities throughout the week. Home-stay courses focus on one activity a week so that students get to know their hosts and use English in a home environment.

    1. London Eye
    2. Boston
    3. Kids playing football
    4. Badminton
    5. St Paul's London
  • Children travel Heathrow
    OISE provides a Welcome Lounge at Heathrow and Gatwick airports for students to begin their OISE summer experience in comfort and safety in a supervised environment.

    From the moment they arrive students are looked after by trained OISE staff (except in cases where parents have informed OISE that students will be arriving independently). All courses include airport transfers on arrival and departure (subject to the arrival and departure times of the flights).

    This high level of supervision is maintained throughout the course and includes the departure day up to the point where the students enter the departure lounge.

    Arrival/departure transfers
    Airport Destination
    London Heathrow All OISE Schools UK
    London Gatwick All OISE Schools UK
    Boston Logan Boston, USA
    Transfers are arranged by OISE on standard dates and times. Outside of standard times a personal taxi service is available. Standard departure times: Saturdays 12:00 – 19:00 Standard arrival times: Sundays 10:00 - 19:00.
    Taxi transfers
    Country Price range
    UK £60 - £350
    USA $100 - $200
    Children accommodation residence
    Homestay accommodation

    Integration into family life is essential to make the student’s stay in the country enjoyable and to make the learning process complete. Living with a family gives students the opportunity to practise what they have learned during the lessons.

    All families meet OISE’s standards: the houses are comfortable, the hosts are welcoming and, above all, are genuinely interested in receiving young guests and helping them to develop fluency in the English language. Students share the family’s way of life by having breakfast and dinner with them, and joining in other activities such as sports and discussions.

    Residential accommodation

    Most schools are set in their own grounds and offer excellent sports facilities: tennis courts, swimming pool, sports hall with courts for volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. The days are packed full of learning activities with a full evening social programme to complement the daytime programme. All meals are provided on both homestay and residential courses.

    School Homestay Residential
    Newbury N/A Available all year
    Boston Available all year N/A
    Sherbourne N/A Available all year
    Oxford N/A 01/07 - 11/08
    Badminton N/A 08/07 - 11/08
    Taunton N/A 08/07 - 04/08
    Dawlish 24/06 - 21/07 N/A
    Folkestone 17/06 - 25/08 N/A
    Swindon 01/07 - 25/08 N/A
    Telford 08/07 - 04/08 N/A
    York N/A 01/07- 28/07
    OISE is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students. Every staff member plays their part in ensuring that students’ concerns are listened to and that support is provided throughout their stay. A 24 hour emergency helpline for all OISE customers is available year round.
  • Follow the Get a Quote or Contact links on any page, or simply call the number +44 1865 345 543 (operates between 9:00 - 17:30 UK time) . We accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as international bank transfers.

    No, any student serious about language learning can take an OISE course.
    For courses in the UK, the government offers accurate up-to-date information about requirements online, which can be found here . For courses in France, Spain and Germany, EU citizens do not require a visa as these countries are within the Schengen zone. For non-EU Citizens, please enquire into the visa requirements from your home country.
    We advise that you book as early as possible for the summer period as the courses do sell out, but we try to accommodate all requests according to availability.
    No, tutors are allocated to scholars depending on the requirements for each lesson, so each scholar will have a variety of tutors to optimise learning.
    Groups are selected according to a number of factors including the language level of the scholars, what they want to learn, their age, their occupation and their nationality or native language.
    Yes, all OISE training centres have a free WIFI network students may connect to.
    Scholars stay with a local family in their home, eating together in the mornings and evenings for a culturally and linguistically enriching experience.
    Everything is included in the course price, with exception of the flight.

Newbury Hall International Study Centre prices

Duration Price
1 week £1,510
2 weeks £2,860
3 weeks £4,200
Each additional week 4+ £1,340 per week
Each additional week 7+ £1,335 per week
IELTS exam preparation costs £250 includes the cost of the exam

Sherbourne Priors Early Years English prices

Duration Price
1 week £1,630
2 weeks £3,100
3 weeks £4,560
4 weeks £6,020

American English in Boston prices

Duration Price
1 week $2,130
2 weeks $4,000
3 weeks $5,865
4 weeks $7,730
5 weeks $9,595
6 weeks $11,460
Each additional week $1,840

The Oxford college experience course fees

Duration Price
01/07/18 - 14/07/18(2 weeks) £4,720
15/07/18 - 28/07/18 (2 weeks) £4,720
29/07/18 - 11/08/18 (2 weeks) £9,400
01/07/18 - 28/07/18(4 weeks) £9,400
15/07/18 - 11/08/18(4 weeks) £9,400
This exclusive course takes place in Oxford over 2 weeks during the month of July


The Summer school curriculum for teenagers (13-17 years)

Duration Host Family: Swindon Residential: Badminton, York
1 week £1,185 £1,485
2 weeks £2,210 £2,810
3 weeks £3,225 £4,125
Each additional week £1,015 £1,315

The Intensive Summer School Curriculum for teenagers (13-17 years)

Duration Host Family: Newbury, Folkestone, Dawlish, Telford Residential: Newbury
1 week £1,210 £1,510
2 weeks £2,260 £2,860
3 weeks £3,300 £4,200
Each additional week 4+ £1,040 £1,340
Each additional week 7+ £1,035 £1,335
CAE and FCE exam preparation available at Badminton and Swindon for a supplement of £180 (includes the cost of the exam).