English Language Course Professionals and Students

Professionals & Students

Achieve your ambitions with intensive English courses for professionals and students
  • Whatever your career path, OISE experts tailor courses to suit each participant’s precise professional needs, transforming them into masterful and eloquent communicators. OISE classes can be solo sessions: Tutorial™, or take place in groups of maximum four or eight learners; in the Quatorial™ or Octorial™ respectively. These options can be combined depending on the scholar’s objectives and duration of study for optimal flexibility.

    Intensive English course
    • The Tutorial™
    • Individual lessons
    • Intellectually close tuition between the scholar and the tutor, the course is conducted entirely by means of individual tuition.

    Tutors identify the scholars’ personal study mindsets to deliver a specifically tailored education. Due to its intense and personal nature, the Tutorial™ is a powerful catalyst for growth, one that helps shape an assertive bilingual ability.

    The scholar is assigned a range of tutors throughout the day, who adapt the style and pace of their pedagogical approach to ensure that the individual before them can perform as confident speakers of their second language. Learning materials are selected specifically; some professionals choose to bring documents used often in their place of work in order to tackle the linguistic challenges they are confronted with in their day-to-day working life. Extensive personal attention and detailed feedback ensures that the participant advances cogently in their competencies.

    Communicative activities such as public speaking, brainstorming in teams, interviews and negotiation are staged within an authentic context to develop a confident level of English fluency.

    1.1 Tutorial™ a la Carte with Personal tutor hours

    “À la Carte” means the scholars choose the number of hours they wish to spend with their tutors. Whatever the choice, 2 or 3 tutors are assigned to each participant. These sessions are conducted in studious isolation, allowing scholars to concentrate at their fullest.

    1.2 Integrated Tutorial with Workshops & group Project work

    The Integrated Tutorial™ combines the intensity of one-to-one sessions with interactive Workshops and team project work with the purpose of exposing the scholar to authentic social and business exchanges in the language.

    1.3 Specialisation

    Tutorial course allows for specialisations in a comprehensive range of specific professional areas.

    1. Accountancy
    2. Aviation
    3. Banking
    4. Business
    5. Commerce
    6. Education
    7. Engineering
    8. Finance
    9. Law
    10. Marketing
    11. Media
    12. Medicine
    13. Pharmaceuticals
    14. Healthcare
    15. Tourism
    16. The Oil Industry
    1.4 Prices
    English course in groups
    • The Quatorial™
    • Maximum 4 students per class
    • The Quatorial™ programme is formatted around study circles of up to 4 participants, ensuring the personal touch afforded by intellectually close tuition.

    A fully interactive pedagogic environment, , as well as coaching the participants to develop an enhanced degree of competence in English. The lessons mirror, at different levels, the international world through the practice of business skills in an authentic context: debates and negotiations, writing letters, emails and detailed reports.

    2.1 Focuses on
    1. Grammar exercises
    2. Idioms
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Letters
    5. Articles
    6. Reports
    7. Emails
    8. Reading Exercises
    9. Presentations
    10. Teamwork
    11. Problem solving
    12. Research
    13. Fluency sessions
    14. Evaluation

    The Quatorial™ course is designed with precision to give participants the skills and confidence to interact effectively in English. A carefully engineered management training environment enables participants to improve not only their language skills but also their confidence in tackling international situations.

    The learning day can include a choice of 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 hours of Tutorials™. The addition of Tutorial™ sessions offers an even more focused programme, allowing participants to deepen their language skills in specialised technical areas or prepare for an international exam with extensive personalised support from their tutor.

    2.2 Prices
    English course in group of 8
    • The Octorial™
    • Maximum 8 students per class
    • Purpose-designed exercises to develop the ability to speak and write accurately in a range of styles and registers

    interactive and dynamic oral practice sessions to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms as well as manipulating sophisticated and more complex language structures; comprehension skills are developed using a wide variety of carefully selected written texts including newspaper articles and literary texts; listening exercises using authentic materials to sharpen comprehension skills, improve pronunciation and increase the ability to think in the language; writing exercises for a wide range of situations from letters and emails to dissertations.

    3.1 Focuses on
    1. Grammar exercises Practise grammar examples by reading
    2. Idioms
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Letters
    5. Articles
    6. Reports
    7. Emails
    8. Reading Exercises
    9. Presentations
    10. Teamwork
    11. Problem solving
    12. Research
    13. Fluency sessions
    14. Evaluation
    3.2 Prices
  • OISE offers training for a range of different exams that help you prove your level of English to an employer or university; some related to specific professions, others are requested by employers or universities.

    • University of Cambridge Examination
    • FCE, CAE, CPE
    • Who is it for? Everyone can make good use of the Cambridge exam. It allows you to assess your English level thoroughly through written and oral comprehension, and written and oral expression

      The lessons are structured directly around the components of the Cambridge exams and are taught by tutors specialising in Cambridge exam preparation. By the end of the programme, the student will be able to take their exam with confidence; drawing from an extensive vocabulary and accurate grammar to articulate complex ideas.

    • IELTS
    • International English Language Testing System
    • Who is it for? The IELTS is aimed at students and professionals who wish to enrol in an English-speaking university, applying for a work visa or for work abroad. If you are a student considering a Master’s or PhD in an English-speaking country, the IELTS is compulsory and forms an integral part of your application.

      The IELTS consists of four components: oral and written comprehension, and written and oral expression. The student works efficiently on the various aspects of the IELTS and acquires the necessary skills needed on the day of the exam: time management, the ability to think on your feet in response to challenging questions and autonomy. The IELTS entails a face-to-face interview with an examiner, which is why much of the focus of the exam is on clear expression.

    • TOEFL
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language
    • Who is it for? Students and professionals wanting to access American and Canadian universities. The TOEFL is a language test mainly recognised in academic contexts, and evaluates the level of non-English speakers particularly in the admission process of American and Canadian universities.

    • BULATS
    • Business Language Testing Service
    • Who is it for? Professionals pursuing graduate studies and students, in most cases at the request of a university. It is also used by employers to obtain a language certificate for non-native English speakers in a professional setting.

      The BULATS exam gives you a score that matches the CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: from A1 to C2. An employer will often ask for a certain level, for example a B2, which corresponds to intermediate level. Some master’s degrees also require a minimum level to validate an exam.

    • GMAT
    • The Graduate Management Admission Test
    • The GMAT is an English test that assesses the qualifications of candidates who wish to pursue graduate studies in business management. It measures analytical writing, problem solving, logic and practises critical thinking abilities.

    • TOEIC
    • Test of English for International Communication
    • Who is it for? The TOEIC is a language test that measures the candidate’s ability to express, understand and use English in a professional setting. It is compulsory for obtaining a diploma at engineering schools in France. In addition, companies will often request a candidate’s TOEIC scores, which is becoming more and more common. The test is an important one and should not be taken lightly; the success of the TOEIC is down to both the candidate’s knowledge as well as their training specifically for the test - good training equals a successful TOEIC exam.

    • TOLES
    • Test of Legal English Skills
    • Who is it for? The TOLES is a test for lawyers and law students which evaluates the English level for those working in international law, whose first language is not English. This test is a requirement if you are thinking about a career in law abroad

  • Tutorial™ Timetable
    School day starts at 08:45
    Tutorial 15 Tutorial 20 Tutorial 25 Tutorial 30
    Plenary Session - News Review 15 mins
    Preparation work or use of multimedia 45 mins
    Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins
    Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins
    Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins
    Self study for the rest of the day Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins
    Self study for the rest of the day Tutorial 60 mins Tutorial 60 mins
    Self study for the rest of the day Tutorial 60 mins
    Self study for the rest of the day
    School day finishes at 17:45
    Quatorial™ Timetable

    31 hours per week of study divided between 15 hours of Quatorial lessons and 16 hours of Workshops, plenary sessions and preparation.

    School day starts at 08:45
    Plenary Session - News Review to practical formal presentation
    Pre-lesson preparation
    Quatorial Lesson accuracy of grammar and lexis
    Pre-lesson preparation
    Quatorial lesson comprehension and expression
    Quatorial Project - Involves collaboration, planning, research, assertiveness, and self-direction
    Ciritical Analysis workshop - To analyse, categorise and process information
    Spoken Assertiveness workshop
    Plenary session
    School day finishes at 17:45
    Octorial™ Timetable

    A total of 30 hours per week, comprising 17.5 hours of Octorial lessons and 10 hours of Workshops, projects and plenary sessions.

    School day starts at 08:45
    Opening plenary
    Flipped Classroom Assignment
    Topic Analysis
    Composition Strategies
    Linguistic Flair
    Spoken assertiveness workshops to help the learner overcome inhibitions and communication anxieties.
    Project Classes - Involves collaboration, planning, research, assertiveness, and self-direction
    Individually Monitored Study Strategies in which participants sets goals with the teacher to achieve them
    Closing Plenary
    School day finishes at 17:00
    Above timetables illustrates a school day but is subject to change.
  • Follow the Get a Quote or contact links on any page, or simply call the number +44 1865 345 543 . We accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as international bank transfers.

    No, any student serious about language learning can take an OISE course.
    For courses in the UK, the government offers accurate up-to-date information about requirements online, which can be found here . For courses in France, Spain and Germany, EU citizens do not require a visa as these countries are within the Schengen zone. For non-EU Citizens, please enquire into the visa requirements from your home country.
    OISE training centres are open 52 weeks a year and so are very flexible. Ideally bookings should be made at least one month before the course start date, but staff do their best to accommodate other requests according to availability.
    No, tutors are allocated to scholars depending on the requirements for each lesson, so each scholar will have a variety of tutors to optimise learning.
    Groups are selected according to a number of factors including the language level of the scholars, what they want to learn, their age, their occupation and their nationality or native language.
    Yes, all OISE training centres have a free WIFI network students may connect to.
    Scholars stay with a local family in their home, eating together in the mornings and evenings for a culturally and linguistically enriching experience.


Below prices are per week when you enroll for 2-3 weeks programmes

Tutorial™ a la Carte 30 hours 25 hours 20 hours 15 hours
Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol £2,810 £2,390 £1,970 £1,550
London £3,060 £2,615 £2,170 £1,725
Boston $4,088 $3,475 $2,862 $2,249
Integrated Tutorial

18.5 Tutorial™ + 2.5 Quatorial™ Project + 5 Spoken Assertiveness Workshop + 5 Critical Analysis Workshop

Oxford, Cambridge £2,170
London £2,380
Boston $3,152

The Quatorial™

Below prices are per week when you enroll for 2-3 weeks programmes

15 Quatorial™ + 5 Spoken Assertivness Workshop + 5 Critical Analysis Workshop + 2.5 lesson preparation

The Quatorial™ Quatorial Solo with 5 Tutorials with 7.5 Tutorials with 10 Tutorials with 15 Tutorials
Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol £1,245 £1,665 £1,875 £2,005 £2,425
London £1,400 £1,845 £2,069 £2,207 £2,652
Boston $1,804 $2,417 $2,723 $2,913 $3,526

The Octorial™

Below prices are per week when you enroll for 2-3 weeks programmes

17.5 Octorial™ + 5 Spoken Assertiveness Workshop + 5 Individually Monitored Study Strategies

The Octorial™ without Tutorial with 5 hours Tutorial with 7.5 hours Tutorial
Bristol £846 £1,210 £1,420
The Octorial course is only available at Bristol School.