Official English Exams

Young Learners aged 13 - 17 years old

Course Description

The programme focuses on the four skills tested during the exercise: listening and reading comprehension, and written and verbal expression. Throughout the course, each area is studied in depth, using old test specimens to help simulate the real exam situation, familiarizing students with the limitations of time management and the type of exercises.

The groups are formed according to the exam that the students want to prepare. Before their arrival, students must pass a test in conditions similar to those of the official exam, to ensure that they have the appropriate level. The progress of the student is constantly evaluated by the teacher, who gives everyone the maximum attention in class thanks to the small size of the groups.

Students can enroll in an exam preparation course during the summer for 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

Cambridge Exams

Newbury, Badminton and Swindon

The Cambridge exams are grades with no expiration date and are recognised worldwide by academic institutions, corporations and governments. A higher intermediate level corresponds to the FCE (First Certificate in English), while the advanced level is recognized by the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).

The OISE programme aimed at preparing students for these exams has been specifically designed to train and prepare students to pass them, and is taught by teachers specialised in preparing for these exams.

The official Cambridge tests can be prepared at the OISE centres in Newbury, Badminton and Swindon.



The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation program is ideal for students who want to enroll in an English-speaking academic institution.

The programme is planned based on the preparation of the four sections of the IELTS exam: listening and reading comprehension, and verbal and written expression. The student works concretely and effectively in each of the sections in which the exam is structured, to acquire the essential skills needed to pass the exam: time management, response capacity, autonomy, etc.. To this end, students carry out mock exams using specimens from past years.

The IETLS test can be taken at the OISE centre in Newbury.

Exam Preparation Course

  • 27 hours of study per week
  • Groups of maximum 8 students
  • Continuous monitoring of progress
  • Simulation of official tests

Course Prices

The programme would maintain the prices according to the OISE school chosen, with a single supplement of £180 for the official Cambridge exams (FCE and CAE), and £250 for the IELTS exam. In both cases, the examination fees are included.

Please consult the page of the school you are interested in for the prices of the programme and for more information on the academic centre where it is offered.