The Oxford College Programme

Age 14-17

About OISE Brasenose

The Oxford College Experience programme is an ideal way for students to immerse themselves in English with full concentration on the course. Students sleep, dine and study within the college.

Brasenose College, founded in 1509, sits on Radcliffe Square at the heart of historic Oxford. Against a backdrop of college spires and green lawns, students can study, relax and enjoy the unique experience of an Oxford summer education. Meals are served in the historic dining hall and students are given one hour of homework each day before supper.

English language tuition

OISE's philosophy of total language immersion plays an important role, meaning the whole learning experience is structured to teach relevant vocabulary and expressions, and to provide constant opportunities for students to reinforce what is learned in by applying it to natural, real-world situations, both in the classroom and outside of it.

Lesson specific subjects options

Located in the privileged setting of Brasenose College, this inspirational course sets students onto a career path of opportunity and achievement. Students live in the college and all lessons take place in college rooms. The focus of the morning lessons is to improve students’ academic English skills. The afternoon lessons are subject-specific. Students choose a different subject each week from:

  • Internation Relations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Journalism & Digital Media
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Public speaking

The subject chosen is the focus of the afternoon lessons. On Saturdays, there is a subject-related excursion.

Oxford in the summer offers students an unforgettable taste of university life, including outdoor activities in the city’s open spaces and a wealth of cultural enrichment in the form of museums, galleries and breathtaking architecture.

Cultural Programme

Students at Brasenose College enjoy a jam-packed schedule of evening activities which allows them to experience the rich culture of Oxford as well as helping them to relax after a hard day’s study. Typical activities include punting on the river Cherwell, a cinema trip, outdoor theatre, tennis, a ghost tour of Oxford or sports in the University Parks. At the weekend there is an excursion to a place of cultural interest, such as Blenheim Palace, London, Bath or Stratford-upon-Avon. All activities are included in the course price.


Available schools

The Oxford college experience course fees

Duration Price
01/07/18 - 14/07/18(2 weeks) £4,720
15/07/18 - 28/07/18 (2 weeks) £4,720
29/07/18 - 11/08/18 (2 weeks) £9,400
01/07/18 - 28/07/18(4 weeks) £9,400
15/07/18 - 11/08/18(4 weeks) £9,400
Mon - Fri
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English Language Focus
Writing Skills
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