Newbury Hall Education

Newbury Hall Education

Newbury Hall is a comfortable, well-equipped and safe environment set in a traditional English market town. The school itself is an impressive Victorian building dating back to 1859, modernised to accommodate OISE students. OISE Newbury Hall is nestled in a traditional English market town in Berkshire. Nearby lies both Oxford and Bath, as well as Highclere Castle, where the internationally famous TV series Downton Abbey is filmed.

Example topics covered in lessons

  • Writing Craft
  • Narrative Strategies
  • Complex Grammar
  • Interview Aptitude

IELTS exam preparation

Students who wish to prepare for the exam study, exam techniques, strategies and receive regular individualised feedback on progress and target specific areas of improvement. The timetable includes real time practice examinations, weekly individual speaking tests, listening, reading and pronunciation practise and coaching in examination skills.

The IELTS Exams programme provided by OISE delves into all aspects of the test: listening, reading, writing and speaking. An intensive course of 30 full hours per week provides candidates with a sound foundation for their exam, having practised a variety of authentic scenarios with their tutor and peers. The IELTS Exams programme welcomes students between ages 15 to 17 who wish to gain the confidence necessary to gain the top mark. The IELTS test is arranged for the end of the course.

Subjects available:


  • Maths
  • Economics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Ethical Issues
  • Great Thinkers
  • Critique
  • Media
  • Future Choices

English Language Courses

Language and academic literacy

Designed to offer the student exposure to a range of subjects, all of which will inform his/her general interest, taste, knowledge, appreciation and zest for a well-developed intellectual and open-minded future.

Subject to sociocultural fluency

Our students come from different parts of the world and this brings the invaluable advantage of exposure to a wide range of cultures, mindsets and experiences. Fluency and eloquence in English represents a large part of the programme and the school is an expert in helping students feel confident with other people, and to enjoy the challenge of meeting others and learning from them.

Autonomous learning

Great emphasis is placed on helping the students to take charge of their own learning. All students are supported to assume a high degree of independence and take on full responsibility for planning their study time. No more passive lessons or expecting tutors to provide the answers. Students learn how to investigate and discover information for themselves; how to think critically and creatively; and how to communicate eloquently and effectively.
Students choose the length of time to study from one week to twenty-six weeks and can start at any time of the year, as the school is open for study over the fifty-two weeks of the year.
For simplicity, our timetable may be understood as a ‘menu’ students can select lessons from; and as in all good restaurants, if somebody wants something not on the menu, the chef will prepare it individually. We can organise almost anything; our education is bespoke.


Learning time management and prioritising

Being involved in PLACES means that students will learn about time management and prioritising things in their life. As adults we get very used to juggling a variety of different tasks and commitments. Our students need to learn how to do this as well, and getting involved in PLACES can give them some authentic practice at it.

Getting involved in diverse interests

PLACES allow students to get involved in a wide range of activities. They not only have the opportunity to explore various interests that they may already have, but also to discover new ones.

Learning about commitments

Students learn about making and maintaining commitments when they are involved in PLACES, which is another excellent benefit. When they join one of the activities or clubs, they commit themselves to that activity for a period of time. Learning to take on commitments is important, and these activities can teach our students this important lesson.

Making a contribution

PLACES can allow a student to make a contribution in some way. It shows that they are getting away from just thinking about themselves and contributing to something else. This is important in their growth as a person.

Building social skills and cultural awareness

Students will have the benefit of honing their relationship skills as well when they get involved in PLACES. They will get involved in social and cultural activities and learn how to act appropriately in these situations.

Cultural Programme

We use the term PLACES to include all of the different activities, events and experiences that we offer our students outside the academic day.
PLACES are an integral part of Newbury Hall life and are a means of developing knowledge, positive attitudes, sportsmanship, and effective social skills. While these activities require as much time, careful planning, and supervision as academic subjects, the purpose is to enhance and extend student learning and experiences beyond the academic courses offered in the school.
There are a range of after school clubs including photography, cookery, gardening, singing, drumming, fashion and ceramics. Sports include football, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, swimming, gym, kickboxing and keep-fit.

Schools Available

Newbury Hall International Study Centre prices

Duration Price
1 week £1,510
2 weeks £2,860
3 weeks £4,200
Each additional week 4+ £1,340 per week
Each additional week 7+ £1,335 per week


Mon - Fri
English Language literacy
Subject literacy
English Language literacy Social and Global Fluency on Wednesday & Friday only
Subject literacy
Evening activites