American English Programme

Age 14-17

Boston is home to a great number of prestigious universities and colleges such as MIT and Harvard, making it a leading city for international education. Students are surrounded by a stimulating academic atmosphere in a classic new England setting; the ideal environment for young learners in which to develop a sound foundation in American English.

The program is designed specifically for the ages 14-17 with an aim to prepare students for their future academic and professional future. It is a rigorous course that encourages fluent communication and effective self-expression in American English.

Learning American English

The day begins with an English lesson program designed to enable students to acquire language skills that enable them to speak English in a lively and fluent manner. The program focuses on the basic concepts of language (grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions), enriched with the nuances of English spoken in the United States. The afternoon is devoted to group research projects on cultural, scientific and social issues concerning the United States.

The programme has three main parts:

Learning American English
The day begins with a program of English lessons designed to allow students to acquire the language reflexes that make language alive and fluent; depending on the level of each group, classes address the basics of the language (grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions) and are enriched with nuances of the language as it is used in the United States.

Learning American English
The afternoon is devoted to group research projects on cultural, scientific and social aspects of American life. The program focuses on American culture and allows students to develop a mature vision of both the language they have chosen to study and the global context in which it is used and framed.

Learning to be American English
One of the most significant aspects around which all OISE courses revolve is the importance given to speaking and speaking aloud, whether interacting in an informal context or presenting in front of an audience. Workshops to develop speaking skills are always a priority, so that you can not only learn the language, but learn to use it with confidence. The course encourages the intellectual curiosity of students by familiarizing them with the specific characteristics of the discourse of a presenter, a business person, a politician or an American journalist, to name but a few of the contexts covered.

  • Grammar structures
  • Idioms
  • Vocabulary
  • Workshops
  • Research
  • Self-study
  • Field trips

Cultural studies

Students study American culture and civilisation through subjects such as: History, Geography, Politics, Business and Media. 

  • History
  • Geography
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Media

TOEFL & IELTS exam preparation

Students who are preparing for exams are coached in exam techniques and strategies and receive regular individualised feedback on progress and specific areas of improvement. The timetable includes real-time practice examinations, weekly individual speaking tests, listening, reading and pronunciation practice and coaching in examination skills.

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American English in Boston prices

Duration Price
1 week $2,130
2 weeks $4,000
3 weeks $5,865
4 weeks $7,730
5 weeks $9,595
6 weeks $11,460
Each additional week $1,840


Mon - Fri
Comprehension & Expression
Cultural Studies
Afternoon Workshops & Projects