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The Quatorial Programme
The Quatorial Programme at OISE Heidelberg consists of a variety of sessions of different types designed not only to help develop language accuracy but also to allow the participant to overcome inhibitions and to use the language eloquently in all situations.

 • Quatorial lessons for

- controlled practice in language structures and lexis development with constant support and feedback to achieve a good command of: grammar structures, idioms, vocabulary and expressions

- drills to sharpen understanding of written text through reading exercises based on a wide range of materials: reports, articles, studies

-  coaching and practice in writing letters, reports, emails, presentations, articles

-  formal listening exercises.

- team project work which requires reading research on the internet or books, magazines, newspapers and gives real-life practice in formal writing and presenting.

 • Plenary Session: a News Review to practise formal presentation.

 • Spoken Performance Workshop: this is a fluency skills session to help the learner overcome inhibitions and group communication anxieties. Feedback focuses on performance rather than accuracy.

Individual attention: the Quatorial Programme includes one hour of Masterclass (teacher guided study). Participants can choose to replace this with 1 or 2 hours of Tutorial lessons which is time with a private tutor to work on individual language needs or specialised professional requirements.

Business German - German for exam preparation - German for universal communication

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Study German in a group environment
Intensive German

Included in the price

• homestay accommodation in single room, half-board
• audio, video, CD-rom library
• support of academic counsellor
• internet/email facilities
• initial testing service
• loan of all course materials
• 3 social events per week
• course certificate

Option: exam revision

Students wishing to take an official exam are exposed to exam requirements with active
practice on past papers under timed conditions to foster familiarity with the exam.

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